Dwight Siblings Cast For ‘The Office’ Spin-Off


Majandra Delfino (best known as Maria from WB’s Roswell) has been cast as Dwight Schrute’s (Rainn Wilson) sister Fannie in an upcoming spin-off of The Office. Meanwhile, Blake Garrett (New Girl) will play his nephew Cameron. Both characters will introduced in an episode of The Office in the fall.

The show currently has the title of The Farm. If NBC moves forward with it, both will be series regulars. The show would focus on Dwight and his family inheriting a large family farm/bed-and-breakfast. He decides to go ahead and run things and has to talk his brother and sister into joining him. Fannie left for Boston as soon as she could, and has little to do with her family since then. She is now divorced with one son and is “a bit of a pseudo-intellectual lefty” with an ironic sense of humor and a great heart.

We’ll keep you posted on The Farm as more news surfaces!

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  1. Anyone wanna bet Dwight’s nephew is Clark Duke? I could see him being introduced on The Office and eventually staying, to replace Dwight (in a sense), after Dwight leaves for The Farm. That way, they keep a Schrute on the show. Honestly, Clark could turn out to be even better than Dwight (depending on how they write his character).

  2. I could see that. I don’t know if I agree that he’d be even better though. I think my issue is that the Jim and Dwight relationship is what makes that series for me. And loosing that – or even changing it up with another character – I just don’t see die-hard fans of those two liking it. That being said – I’m in this until the series ends. I’ll be watching both of these 🙂 haha I love The Office 🙂