War Thunder: Taking Flight with the Ultra Advanced Pack

I recently took flight in War Thunder and experienced many intriguing battles in the skies. The popular online multiplayer title allows me to twist and turn in the sky above as I try to pounce on an enemy aircraft from behind. I’ve also had plenty of moments where I left my ‘six’ wide open, forcing me to perform every maneuver in the book to evade enemy fire. I even had multiple moments where I went head-on with an enemy aircraft hoping I would shoot him down before he got me.

It’s easy to say that my time with War Thunder has been great so far, and the experience has improved due to acquiring the Ultra Advanced Pack that comes with five new aircraft, 10,000 golden eagles, and more. There is no doubt that having a squadron of higher tiered aircraft is essential for players who want to stay engaged in battle for a longer period of time.

While I was gathering experience with War Thunder’s Ultra Advance Pack, I was also undecided on what type of control setting I should use. Playing War Thunder with the keyboard and mouse is a very friendly option to use as it has a very precise aiming quality to it. However, I love flying with my Saitek flight stick even though I had an awfully hard time figuring out the settings, as the aiming was pretty much all over the place. Thankfully I stuck with it, did some research, and figured out how to best set up my joystick.


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