The Vampire Diaries: Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabrielle Douglas, To Visit Set

It seems as if the olympic gold medalist is living every fangirls dream! After revealing that The Vampire Diaries was her favorite show, Gabby Douglas, has been invited onto the set! The gymnast has struck up a friendship with the lead actress, Nina Dobrev, after (jokingly) agreeing to let the TVD star wear her gold medal! Now, that promise will definitely be coming true! Nina Dobrev tweeted the following tweet last night:

Lucky girl! Based off of Dobrev’s tweet, I’m guessing that this isn’t just a set visit. In the tweet, she clearly states that she can’t wait to ‘work’ with Gabby. Well, unless Nina is getting practice on her triple backflips, it may even be a cameo! Can you just imagine Gabby Douglas kicking vampire butt with her badass gymnastic skills?

What do you think, Fanbolters? Are you excited to see Gabby (possibly) appear on The Vampire Diaries? Or do you think this is a disastrous idea? Comment below!


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