Patrick Warburton Set to Return as The Tick in Series Revival

Patrick Warburton is reportedly set to reprise his role as parody superhero The Tick in a new show.

The Ted star played the comical character in a live-action TV series in 2001, but the show was cancelled in 2002 after just nine episodes. The series also starred David Burke, Nestor Carbonell and Liz Vassey.

Executives at Amazon are now looking to revive the show, which is based on a comic book by Ben Edlund, with Warburton in the lead and Edlund producing and writing, according to

Edlund even confirmed that the revival is in the works via Twitter:

The Tick first appeared onscreen for three seasons in a 1990s animated children’s series.

The news follows reports of a Full House revival that is also in the works.

Are you excited by the thought of another revival series or would you prefer to see new content put on the air?

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