‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Spoilers: A Sneak Peek At The New Season

Supernatural Season 8 premieres tonight at 9/8c on the CW, and to get fans ready – we have an intense look at the new season along with some spoilers!

Check out our interviews with the cast members of Supernatural below!

Jared Padalecki on Supernatural Season 8
Jared Padalecki chatted with us about what lies ahead for Sam Winchester in Season 8. From the new season picking up a 1.5 years after the last season’s finale to a new love interest – we have all the details on everything that Jared was allowed to tell us!

Jensen Ackles on Supernatural Season 8
Jensen Ackles chatted with us about directing more episodes of Supernatural this season, Dean’s time in purgatory, and a little bit of what is in store for the Winchester brothers in the new season!

Misha Collins on Supernatural Season 8
Misha Collins chatted with us about how quickly Castiel will return in Season 8, whether or not he abandoned Dean, and what’s in store for him in the new season!

One thing we heard a lot from the cast is how flashbacks will be a big part of the new season, and also addressing what happened during the 1.5 years that the series jumps forward this season. Misha confirms that this will be how we learn whether or not Castiel abandoned Dean to save his own hide – or went to get help to aid Dean. He wouldn’t tell us which it was, Misha just said that they were both options.

Mark Sheppard on Supernatural Season 8
Mark Shepard chatted with us a bit about what the new season has in store for his character Crowley, and whether or not he’ll be the “big bad” next season.

Showrunner Jeremy Carver on Supernatural Season 8
Supernatural writer and showrunner Jeremy Carver chatted about some of the content they’re working on for Season 8, and the types of arcs that we can expect to see in Season 8. Carver also addresses that while they’ve gone almost everywhere they can with the series, they can still go emotionally deeper with Sam and Dean.

Writer Ben Edlund on Supernatural Season 8
Ben Edlund sat down with us to discuss where the series was headed this season. Edlund revealed that there are more vampires to be seen along with a sports-related monster (hmm…), and he also expressed a fondness for the series River Monsters!

Jim Beaver Tells Supernatural Fans To Remain Hopeful For Bobby
In our briefest interview with the Supernatural crew, Jim Beaver told us it was mums the word on what to expect with Bobby in thew new season. All we could get out of him in the minute that we had him was that we should remain hopeful.

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  1. Yeah Jeremy Carver has a pretty awesome track record. I’m really excited to see what he does with this season! 🙂

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