Rebecca Mader Talks ‘Once Upon A Time’ at Dragon Con 2014

Once Upon A Time got wicked last season with the introduction of a new villain and FanBolt had the opportunity to speak with Rebecca Mader, or as you may know her Zelena/The Wicked Witch of the West, at Dragon-Con 2014 last weekend.

For someone who was outright offered the role of the iconic Wicked Witch of the West, Rebecca Mader couldn’t have been more pleasant in real life (sorry to disappoint). She shared with us that Dragon-Con was her fifth convention ever and when we asked her what she thought of Atlanta’s little con that could, Mader replied, “I mean it’s wicked. It’s huge! It’s massive. There are so many people and it’s also nice because lots of my friends are here from different shows because some of the conventions that I’ve done before were just for Once Upon a Time, so it’s been fun to see friends from other shows like Warehouse 13 and stuff like that. So it’s been socially a really good time as well.”

Since everyone (including us!) is excited about the Frozen storyline coming to Once this season, we had to ask the woman who was indirectly responsible for bringing Elsa to Storybrooke what she thought of the show’s new addition. “I’m excited! I just saw Frozen on a plane ride to London a couple of months ago. It’s really good! I love Disney cartoons, I love musicals, I love to sing. I don’t know I love it. I actually bought the album and tried to learn all the words to the songs ’cause apparently I’m still 15 so- I’m excited! I’m excited. I think the fans are going to really like what they’re doing.”

See what else Rebecca shared about her experience on Once Upon a Time including whether or not Zelena could make a return this season, how long it took for her to get that green (and gold!) glow and more in the full interview below!

Photo Credit: ABC


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