‘The Strain’ Star Sean Astin Talks Fun Set Moments and Working with Guillermo del Toro

Spoilers lie ahead so if you aren’t caught up on The Strain, you may want to turn away now. If you saw The Strain on Sunday, then you know that our main down a man and we had the opportunity to speak with the doomed Jim Kent himself! Sean Astin shared with us what it was like working with the great Guillermo del Toro as well as what his funniest moments on set were and more!

According to Sean Astin, he’s “never been a vampire guy, except when I was working in a movie theater when I was 16 and my good friend Corey Feldman’s movie Lost Boys was playing.” So what can turn a non-vampire person into a vampire person? Guillermo del Toro and his love for the “fantastic and the real,” as Astin put it. He continued, “The stakes for working on a del Toro project are high because people expect it to be great.”

When asked about his most fun memories from such a dark set, Astin reminisced about he and Corey Stoll playing “a fighter pilot video game in between killing vampires” on set one day. He also said that it was fun going in to work and seeing what different things the crew put together for scenes, specifically referencing the vampire autopsy that they did on Captain Redfern in episode 4 (“It was so intricate!”).

Although we’re sad to see Jim go, let’s take a look back at what happened along the way that played a part in the fate that he eventually met:

Inside The Strain: The Downfall of Jim Kent

Stay tuned for a more in-depth interview with Sean Astin, coming soon and be sure to watch The Strain on FX Sunday nights at 10pm.

Photo Credit: FX Networks


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