‘Revenge’ Creator Mike Kelley Speaks Out On Emily And Jack’s Future

It’s the biggest question Revenge fans want to know. Will Emily and Jack end up together? What lies ahead for them in Season 2 doesn’t look overly promising from a fan’s perspective – with Jack (Nick Wechsler) having a baby on the way with Amanda (Margarita Levieva) and a character’s death looming right around the corner…

In the Revenge Season 2 premiere, we fast-forwarded to the see a sunken sail boat – The Amanda (Jack’s boat), and inside the wreckage we see what looks like a male with a wedding ring floating next to Jack’s pocket watch and a framed photo of Jack and his brother Declan (Connor Paolo). However, after a similar death setup in Season 1, fans know that deaths on Revenge or rarely as obvious as they seem. Is the body Jack’s? We seriously doubt it.

“It could be any of the men.” Wechsler commented on the observation.

“Could it be, like, a man with beastly hands?” Paolo joked?

Revenge creator Mike Kelley recently tackled some of these topics with answers that will only continue to tease fans more.

“The core relationship for Emily is and always will be Jack.” Kelley hinted to TV Guide.

Kelley also revealed that we’ll learn the identify of the body come February sweeps, and that shortly before the incident, one couple will exchange “I do’s”. Hmm… Jack and Amanda? We can only speculate… But we’re leaning a bit more towards Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Conrad (Henry Czerny) for that, since we learned last week they’re planning on renewing their vows.

As far as what’s ahead for Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Jack? Emily VanCamp recently revealed that her character plans to exploit her role as godmother to Amanda and Jack’s baby as it allows her to stay close to Jack… and as fans we know that it’s also allowing Emily to keep Amanda on her toes.

“Emily just wants to protect him.” VanCamp commented.

We know it’s probably going to be awhile before Jack and Emily can untangle everything around them, but at least it’s nice to hear Kelley say that the core relationship for them will always be each other. That’s enough to keep this Revenge fan happy at least!

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