Seth Rogen Urges NFL to Ban Ray Rice for Life

Seth Rogen has urged National Football League (NFL) bosses to ban Ray Rice for life after the publication of horrifying footage which appears to show the Baltimore Ravens player allegedly attacking his girlfriend in an elevator.

NFL executives imposed a two-game ban on Rice after he was arrested on an assault charge following the incident in a hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey in February.

New footage of the spat was published by TMZ on Monday, and the shocking tape prompted a stunned response from Hollywood funnyman Rogen, who writes in a post on Twitter, “I don’t know much about football, but I know that Ray Rice is a piece of garbage who shouldn’t be allowed to play it professionally anymore.”

The star goes on to send a message to NFL bosses urging them to reconsider Rice’s punishment, adding, “Your punishment for beating a woman is less than for smoking weed. Get your head out of your f**king a**.”

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