‘Girls’ Star Lena Dunham Suffers Embarrassing Moment on Plane

Lena Dunham had an embarrassing encounter with a male attendant on a recent flight from New York to Los Angeles when he accidentally walked in on her peeing.

The Girls star was caught short just before take off and dashed to the toilet at the front of the plane only to discover the lock didn’t work.

Appearing on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, she recounted the story, stating, “For a second I thought it was the pilot, so I was excited and then I realized what was actually going on.

“He shrieked like there was a monster from the great beyond… I didn’t know what to do; I was just like, ‘That was so much worse for you than it is for me…!’ He looked so traumatized.”

And the flight from hell continued for Dunham when she awoke from a long sleep to urinate again – and found she had unbuttoned her trousers during her slumber.

She explains, “I got up to pee again and realised they were just, like, down around my mid thigh. If I was a man, I would have certainly been escorted off… There would have been police waiting for me at the other end.”

Photo Credit: Instagram


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