‘Being Human’ 3.02 Episode Review and Recap: (Dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hungry vampires and drunken ghosts on this week’s episode of Being Human!

Alright, let’s recap for those who prefer reading to watching.

Sally’s back, mostly human, and totally fine. To answer a pressing question from last week, Stevie and Nick are back in their own bodies and seemingly cool, as well. Better than ever, in fact, as evidenced by Nick’s rather physical reunion with his ghost-whispering girlfriend, Zoe. Sally gives Stevie a couple hundred dollars and an “It Gets Better” speech and sends him on his merry, Kerouac-ish way. No sooner is Stevie out the door, but Josh receives a call that makes him do that OMG! face that Sam Huntington seems to have perfected.

Aidan has managed to pull himself up by his bootstraps, get to a payphone, and call the house. Josh and Sally go pick him up and have a fantastically adorable reunion, including an awesome double-take when Aidan realizes that he just actually hugged Sally.

Despite a good shower and shave, all is not quite beer and skittles yet. Aidan is starving, and getting blood is becoming an issue. None of the blood whores are clean, and going to the black market for baby blood gets Aidan jumped by a gang of werewolves. Fortunately, Henry is still around and comes to the rescue, chasing off the weres and offering Aidan a sip of his girlfriend. Aidan has a few moral concerns when he learns that Emma is kept inside and compelled, and eventually helps her escape, much to Henry’s displeasure.

Meanwhile, Sally’s out living the high life with Josh: pomegranate martinis, all kinds of food, and a cute guy from her past life. Oops. Sally convinces Trent that she faked her death and spends her evening first flirting and then making out with him. Josh is panicking a bit, as the witch specifically said that Sally wouldn’t be able to contact anyone from when she was alive, but everything seems to be going okay. While Sally is rediscovering her mojo, Josh makes a big life decision: it’s time to propose to Nora.

In the end-of-episode twist we all knew was coming, neither Josh nor Sally’s plans go quite the way they intended. Trent isn’t feeling great, so he turns down Sally’s offer of a coffee and happy fun naked-times, but makes a date with her for the next day. Sally’s love life seems back on track, until “not feeling well” translates into “dead the next morning.” Uh-oh.

Unbeknownst to Josh, Nora’s been hounded (see what I did there) by the werewolf father of last season’s pureblood wolf twins. The concerned dad locks himself into Nora’s storage unit with her during the transition. When Josh shows up the next morning to pop the question, he finds lots of blood, a shredded door, and a distinct lack of prospective fiancee. Fade to black on the worried version of Josh’s OMG! face.

Two episodes in and I’m still loving how this season is shaping up. The time skip is turning out to be an unexpectedly great plot device, as now we’re watching all of the characters adjust to the new status quo. The hook for me this week was watching Aidan’s reacclimation, both to the new vampire issues and to the group dynamic with Josh and Sally. With everything that happened last season, not to mention the excruciatingly long hiatus, I’d forgotten how often Aidan acted as the voice of reason in the house. His reaction to the dark things that Josh dipped into to get Sally back was spot on, pointing out to the audience how unlikely it is that either Josh or Sally really understands the potential consequences of blood magic.

I’m dying to know how they’re going to solve this vampire plague, or even if they will. Aside from the side adventures that Josh and Nora went on to get Sally back, Questing for an Answer has never been one of Being Human‘s staple plot devices. Is this just a new reality that Aidan is going to have to work with, or are we going to end up finding a magical cure only in the blood of a half-werewolf, half-vampire British guy (or more likely, Sally, seeing as how she’s not fully human and not fully dead)?

Guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out!

Best Quote:
Sally: “I can see your face and you’re no longer terrifying!”
Aidan: “Oh, so you didn’t like the Ulysses S. Grant look? My bad.”

Things to Ponder:

  • I wonder if Zoe falls under the “no one from your past life” restriction. Nick met her post-mortem, but pre-Limbo. Thoughts?
  • No doubt this will get hand-waved later, but how is Sally going to get back into the workforce when she’s still legally dead?
  • Yes, I know that the writers of Syfy’s Being Human aren’t basing anything on the UK version after the first season, but tell me that wasn’t a Mitchell/Annie moment right there towards the end.


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