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Draft Day Review: You’re On the Clock

Draft Day Review: You’re On the Clock


Draft Day stars Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner and revolves around Costner’s character who is the General Manager (GM) of the Cleveland Browns. Draft day is approaching in the NFL and the movie revolves around the challenges and stresses that a day like that can produce for a GM, especially when their job could possibly be on the line if things don’t go well enough according to the owner of the team.

I found Draft Day to do a good job and showing the type of communication that a GM deals with on a day-to-day or hourly basis with the owner, staff, players, and other GMs around the league who are looking to deal picks or players. It’s especially fun when Costner’s character is dealing with the other GM’s to discuss deals and player information.

Is Draft Day a movie for everyone? No, it’s not. But it is a movie that football fans will appreciate and is especially for those who enjoy the draft every year and even participate in their own fantasy football leagues. It’s one of those “fun” sports movies that keep the audience interested throughout. The actors, especially Costner, do well in their roles that make for an overall enjoyable two hours for football fans.

I also enjoyed the bonus feature that comes with the Blu-ray that discusses the creation of the movie and how fortunate the film was to get the NFL’s backing, which really could have changed everything had they not received its approval. I actually found the bonus feature to be just as interesting as the movie itself because it still discusses a lot about the NFL draft and also about the process of finding the right cast and crew for the movie.

Draft Day is recommended for the football fan!

Grade: B


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