‘Being Human’ 3.05 Episode Review And Recap: Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth

Family ties that bind on this week’s Being Human!

To the recap!

It’s been a little too long since Aidan has had something(one) to eat, and it’s starting to show. Anyone remember the two dead girls from so long ago? Aidan does. He’s having hunger-hallucinations about them following him around and whispering to him like two really gory shoulder-devils. They’re particularly interested in Aidan’s idea about noshing on Kenny the Genre-Savvy Bubble Boy. Aidan finally gives in, at least a little, and starts taking blood samples from Kenny during his night shift.

As it turns out, his discovery of a new food source is well-timed, as Liam and his pack of wolves are out in force and playing Buffy. Aidan manages to turn the tide on an ambush, but Liam tracks him back to the trio’s home. Liam seems to be pretty big on family and “protecting the pack,” and so tells Josh and Nora that either they take out Aidan, or Liam will take them out instead. Josh is highly indignant. Nora is worryingly less indignant than she probably should be. Josh takes it on himself to confront Liam at gunpoint, winning a measure of respect from the old alpha, who tracks and brings back Erin as a gesture of “we cool, but don’t pull that again.”

Meanwhile, Sally is trapped in a supernatural romcom this episode. She and Max are all kinds of flirty, but Max’s dead ghost-mom is still hanging about, and she definitely doesn’t think Sally is good enough for her Darling Boy. After Sally and Max get a little too frisky in the viewing room, Linda possesses Sally to make her quit her job and dump Max. Sally attempts to exorcise Linda, but ends up having a bit of a heart-to-heart instead. Linda backs off her hardcore helicoptering and Sally and Max get back together.

Back at the hospital, Kenny confronts Aidan about being a vampire, which Aidan of course laughingly denies. Kenny buys it and the two have a bro moment over Kenny’s favorite old monster movies. Unfortunately, Aidan dozes off and has another dead girl nightmare. When he startles himself awake, he realizes he’s vamped out in front of Kenny. Oops.

I had fun watching this episode, as always, but it did feel a bit disjointed to me. Usually the different plots of an episode of Being Human will weave together a little better, giving the impression that while there’s a lot going on, our main characters are supporting each other through it all. This, to me, honestly seemed like three different episodes that all happened to fit into one hour. Aidan figured into Josh and Nora’s problems with Liam, but not in any personal way. Aidan never mentions getting jumped by a couple of werewolves. Josh never tells Aidan that there’s an alpha wolf out there gunning for him.

Regardless of whether or not this week’s storylines connected, I enjoyed them on their own. The highlight for me was probably the Most Awkward Dinner Ever. I loved that one moment when you realize that everyone in the room except Max can see his mother. Well played, everyone.

See you all next week!

Best Quotes:

  • Sally: “I’m sorry. This isn’t The Ghost Whisperer.”
  • Aidan: “I want nothing but romcoms on that TV from now on. Next time, you can accuse me of being Meg Ryan.”

Things to ponder:

  • Are Aidan’s dead girls real ghosts, hunger hallucinations, or something else entirely? If they’re real ghosts, I can only assume that we’ll find out shortly, as there’s no dearth of people who’ll be able to see them in this neighborhood.
  • Liam seems to be playing a long game here. Who else thinks he’s already figured out that Nora was responsible for Brynn’s death?


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  1. Oh yeah I am sure Liam is on to Nora and Josh about the death of his kids. And getting them to try and kill Aiden was his revenge. But he will have to come up with a different plan