Revenge Season 3 DVD Review: A Delicious Guilty Pleasure


It’s no secret to those that know me. Revenge is my guilty pleasure. Season 1, I was hooked. Season 2, I was still hooked even though we went for a bit of wild ride with the story. Season 3, I was in love again – not only with the series but also with Aiden. Needless to say, for fans that have seen season 3, it was a difficult one to process – but no spoilers here.

Get ready for a sizzling hot summer in the Hamptons. Emily Thorne’s brilliant plan for vengeance takes a wicked turn in ABC’s “Revenge: The Complete Third Season”. Relive the mystery, the fire, and the intrigue of TV’s most delightfully devilish series. Season Three starts with a bang as Emily Thorne is shot and left for dead on her wedding day. But who pulled the trigger? Back at Grayson Manor, Conrad finds himself in the line of fire, and a flame from Daniel’s past may be the perfect new pawn for Victoria to play with – as she moves to defeat Emily for good. To top it all off, a surprise appearance of an old rival makes sparks fly as the wedding of the century approaches. Experience the drama of all 22 smoldering episodes, complete with exclusive bonus features that reveal even more juicy secrets. Let the fireworks begin.

After a rocky season 2, Revenge came back full-force with the last season. There were some huge twists and turns with the plot that revealed some major character secrets (I both appreciated that and was concerned by that…). With a series like this one, it’s hard to imagine how the writers can keep up the same momentum that causes us fans to be so addicted. Revealing so many of the overarching secrets does provide satisfaction for the fans, but it also raises the question of how that will affect the dynamic between the characters. How will their interactions change now that everything is out on the table? How can they coldly pretend to be polite to one another when past deeds and identities have all been revealed? These are the questions that most interest me about Season 4, and where the series will take us next.

Special features include:

  • Table For Five — Pull Up A Chair With Josh Bowman, Nick Wechsler, Barry Sloane, Gabriel Mann And Henry Czerny As They Enjoy Some Downtime At The Stowaway. Rivals On Screen And Buddies Behind The Scenes, the Actors Swap Jokes And Share Stories About Bromances, On-Set Pranks And The Deep Camaraderie Forced Over Their Time Working Together.
  • Finale Audio Commentary
  • Blooper
  • Deleted Scenes

Revenge returns to ABC this fall, and from what we know Emily will be seeking revenge for a death other than her fathers – oh… and the father… well it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. We got a few spoilers earlier this summer from the Revenge executive producers, and we look forward to having more to share with you soon! So refresh on Revenge with this latest release, and get ready for one crazy ride this fall!

Grade: A


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