Eminem Suing New Zealand Political Party for Copyright Infringement

Eminem is suing a political party in New Zealand over allegations they used one of his songs without permission.

Lawyers representing the hip-hop star and his music publishers filed paperwork at the High Court in Wellington on Tuesday accusing the National Party of copyright infringement for using his song “Lose Yourself” in campaign adverts.

Joel Martin, who represents Eminem’s publishing company, says, “It is both disappointing and sadly ironic that the political party responsible for championing the rights of music publishers in New Zealand by the introduction of the three strikes copyright reforms should itself have so little regard for copyright.”

The song was used in adverts for Prime Minister John Key’s re-election campaign, and party representatives have denied any wrongdoing and vowed to fight the lawsuit, saying, “The National party will be defending this action vigorously. As the matter is now before the courts we will not be making any further public comment.”

Photo Credit: Facebook


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