Colin Firth Feared Emma Stone Age Gap in ‘Magic in the Moonlight’

Colin Firth feared he would look old and decrepit playing Emma Stone’s love interest in Woody Allen’s new film Magic in the Moonlight because of their 29-year age gap.

Firth, 54, plays an illusionist who sets out to unmask a bogus clairvoyant, portrayed by Stone, 25, in the comedy, and admits he feared the audience’s reaction to his onscreen romance with The Amazing Spider-Man.

Firth tells The Independent, “I was very aware of it (age gap) at the beginning, when I found out who was playing the roles. At the time I thought, ‘I’m going to seem so old and washed up next to Emma Stone!’ I wasn’t exactly relishing being on the unflattering end of that.

“Once we were underway, other things came to the fore. But people are going to draw attention to it. I get it. I really do understand. It’s noticeable.”

Many critics have made the point that Allen should have cast an older woman or a younger leading man, but the film is still a hit among many fans of the director.

Photo Credit:Sony Pictures Classics


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