Seth Meyers To Leave ‘SNL’ And Host ‘Late Night’

Seth Meyers was rumored to take over Late Night ever since Jimmy Fallon’s “promotion” to The Tonight Show. Now NBC has made the news official. Seth Meyers will take over the Late Night spot from Jimmy Fallon.

“I am aware of the history,” Mr. Meyers said. “Each chapter of my life has sort of been spent enjoying each of the guys who had the job. Letterman was sort of my first introduction to late-night television. And Conan was all through college and postcollege years. Jimmy, obviously, I think, does it as well as anyone could ever do it.”

Meyers will continue with SNL through the fall before he starts preparation to take over Late Night – which would most likely be January 2014.


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  1. people are talking about weekend update. but what is going to happen in the writers room as seth is the head writer??? I think snl has had some pretty good bits this last year but maybe some new blood will up the ante a little bit