Rose Byrne’s Dance Sequence Cut From ‘Annie’ Remake

Rose Byrne had a big dance sequence cut from the forthcoming Annie movie remake after she failed to get to grips with the choreography.

The star portrays Jamie Foxx’s personal assistant Grace Farrell in the new film, which also features Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan and Quvenzhane Wallis as the titular orphan, but one of her biggest musical scenes had to be reworked because of her lack of rhythm.

She explains, “Over the summer last year I filmed the remake of Annie… and I have a dance number, so I had a number of lessons leading up to that.

“It was a very big number initially and it just started to get shorter and shorter and shorter, and finally I came to one of my last lessons and they’re like, ‘We’re just gonna walk. We’re just gonna do some walking…!'”

And Byrne admits that wasn’t the only movie skill she struggled to pick up – a stuntwoman had to double for her during ice skating scenes in new comedy This Is Where I Leave You.

She says, “I play an ice skating teacher so I got a bunch of lessons and I was pretty bad.

“That was my body double (in the final film edit)! She’s amazing, she’s a pro. I can go backwards and I can go forwards. I learned how to go backwards but there were two-year-olds just zooming by on the rink!”

Photo Credit:Helga Esteb /