Sneak Preview: Juicy Details On ‘Royal Pains’ Season 5 Premiere

The summer is almost here and that can only mean one thing: fun in the sun with the HankMed crew once USA Network’s medical-drama Royal Pains returns at 9pm on June 12. But what happens when the Hamptons’ favorite doctor becomes the patient who needs to be nursed back to health? Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming season and scroll down for more of the inside scoop on the upcoming season opener!

Six months have elapsed since the “Royal Wedding” in December, and Hank (Mark Feuerstein) is finally returning to work after recovering from a craniotomy, which he sustained after the huge explosion at Shadow Pond. But getting back to his normal routine won’t be so easy, as Dr. Lawson must now accept that his body has limitations that require him to keep his workload to a minimum. So Evan (Paulo Constanzo) decides to hire other on-call doctors to meet the overwhelming demands of their patients in an effort to keep a close eye on Henry. Unfortunately, Evan’s newfound responsibility is interfering with his marriage to Paige (Brooke D’Orsay) therefore; he must find a way to balance both aspects of his life.

Elsewhere in the episode, Divya’s marriage to Rafa (Khotan Fernandez) is in the pits, and she appears to be immersing herself in her job to over-compensate for being separated from her male counter-part. Also, viewers are introduced to some new characters this season including Frances Conroy (American Horror Story), as Blythe Ballard for a multi-episode guest appearance. Conroy’s arc finds her as a member of the Hamptons’ elite and she just so happens to be a neighbor of the Lawsons. After Hank treats Ballard for an arm injury, Evan is determined to make her sign a retainer, but she’s not so easily persuaded and this causes friction between the HankMed employees.

It’s a fully loaded episode with many surprises, so here are five spoiler-free reasons why you should watch the Royal Pains season five premiere:

1) Divya (Reshma Shetty) has some life-changing issues of her own that will affect the HankMed family forever.
2) The newlyweds are now “new homeowners”.
3) HankMed is undergoing some major changes.
4) Jeremiah appears to have a fully fleshed out character arc.
5) Shadow Pond has a new executor.

Will Hank lighten his workload on the road to recovery, or will he burn himself out? Be sure to tune in on Wednesday nights this summer to find out all the rest of the juicy details, because the doctor is in. Deep.


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