Thundering Atmosphere at Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Finals

As a first time eSports event attendee I can report that this has been a great experience so far! The Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Finals is currently going on live in Washington D.C. at the Lincoln Theater where there are hundreds of fans cheering on the elite eight StarCraft II players.

Since this is my first experience at an eSports event, I didn’t know what to expect from the crowd and atmosphere. But the energy level and participation of the crowd as they cheer on their favorite contestant has been incredible. I’m truly amazed at how engaged and passionate the crowd is.

As the crowd was welcomed into the Lincoln Theater this morning they were given thunder sticks that fill the theater with noise each time one of the players make a great move in the game. Therefore, it’s a thunderous atmosphere and the fans are surely being treated to a great time thanks to these elite players.


Hmm, thunder sticks and Red Bull? This crowd is going to be wild all weekend long!

The announcers, including Sean ‘Day[9]’ Plott, are on top of their game, the crowd is fully engaged, and the battles have been action-packed thus far. For those who want to tune in to the event via live stream, you may do so by watching the embedded video below. Being at the event myself, I decided to grab a few pictures as well to share the experience so far.

Gamers, StarCraft fans, and those interested in eSports should definitely check out the on-going action that goes until tomorrow where a champion will be crowned. For more information about the event, make sure to check out my announcement article on the event.

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