Sneak Peek Clips from Next Week’s ‘Warehouse 13’!

Because we love you and we love crazy Artifact-related happenings, we’ve nabbed a couple of sneak peeks for “Runaway,” next week’s episode of Warehouse 13! If you’re not afraid of a few spoilers (don’t worry, nothing too major), scroll on down and check them out.

Our friends at Syfy tell us that tweeting, liking, or generally spreading this clip could lead to a four-minute clip of Monday’s Artifact.

You can see one of those Artifacts in this clip, but it isn’t nearly 4 minutes long.

And because no episode of Warehouse 13 is complete without one-liners and pop culture references, here’s the supercut of last episode’s best lines!

Catch Warehouse 13 on Syfy, Monday nights at 10/9c.


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