‘Covert Affairs’ Season Four Sneak Peek: Bigger Lies And Darker Secrets

Fans of USA Network’s international spy-drama, Covert Affairs, are in for a season of secrets when new episodes begin tonight (July 16) at 9pm. The season premiere picks up after Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) aligns with Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin), former Director Of Clandestine Services at the CIA, to go on an undercover mission that could jeopardize those closest to her. The covert operation finds Annie traveling to Latin America, where she is introduced to some new faces in Colombia, while learning of some highly confidential intel.

Rounding out the cast this season is ex-CSI: NY actor Hill Harper as Calder Michaels – an ambitious CIA station chief based in Medellin, Colombia, in addition to Manolo Cardona – a tough guy with a shocking past that gets explored later on. But that’s not the only thing happening on Covert Affairs this season. From the beginning of the first episode viewers are immersed in the burgeoning relationship that Walker and blind CIA tech-op Auggie (Christopher Gorham) share, and the dynamic between the two co-workers is easily the highlight of season four.

Love aside; Covert Affairs is no bed of roses, however. The lies are bigger, stakes are higher and the secrets are darker as we will see toward the end of the first installment and beyond, which is bound to cause friction between Arthur (Peter Gallagher) and Joan (Kari Matchett). Something has always seemed so off about their marriage, so it will be interesting to watch them tread murky waters.

Will Annie be able to balance her work-life vs. her personal life with Auggie, while maintaining a professional life with Henry Wilcox outside of the agency?

Check out the extended trailer, and tune in to USA Network every Tuesday night, all summer to find out!


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