Suits: Six Questions We Hope To Get Answered In Season 3

The most stylish legal drama on cable television, Suits, returns tonight(July 16) at 10p, with the law offices of Pearson Hardman dealing with the aftermath of a new merger.

The season three opener takes place two days after Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) steamy encounter in the file room, when Ross confessed to being a fraud, and Zane is still trying to figure out how to process this information. Meanwhile, Jessica’s (Gina Torres) new partnership with Darby (Conleth Hill) is tested when she assigns Harvey (Gabriel Macht) a high-profile client (Catelyn Stark) who faces the loss of her company if Specter fails to win the case. Elsewhere, Abrams’ character is desperately trying to reconcile with his mentor, while attempting to address the fallout with Rachel.

Judging by the premiere, right off the bat fans can tell that Mike’s going to have to prove himself more than ever before – not just to gain back Harvey’s trust, but also Zane’s who’s completely unsure of where their relationship stands, and what it means for their future. But Ross isn’t the only one at the firm who is at odds though. Now that the British invasion is complete, Specter must now work hard to gain his spot alongside Pearson. Will Macht’s character do whatever is necessary to join Torres, or does he plan to over throw the new regime? Stay tuned until the end of the episode to find out.

What I’m interested in seeing happen most this season is whether or not Rachel will be able to appreciate Ross’ honesty about his situation, considering he was practically given everything she ever worked hard for in her career without having attended law school? Which begs another question: will Mike ever decide to get a law degree and make everything official? Even better, would creator Aaron Korsh and the writers of Suits be open to exploring the idea of Adam’s character applying to Harvard and enrolling in classes part-time, while still at the firm?

Also, what will become of this Nigel-Louis rivalry? Do you think they’ll be able to get along?

Check out the extended trailer, and be sure to watch Suits on its new night, Tuesdays, on USA Network.


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