Charlize Theron Plays ’20 Questions’ in October Issue of ‘Marie Claire’

Oscar-winning actress and J’adore by Dior spokesperson Charlize Theron sat down with Marie Claire recently to play a fun game of “20 Questions” and you may be surprised by what you learn about the South African beauty.

The star, who recently wrote an article to highlight violence in the Central African Republic for the Wall Street Journal, proved that she’s not all work when she sat down to answer some questions that will give fans a better look at what goes on in her mind and personal life.

Check out some of Charlize’s answers below!

How did you make your first dollar?
“Singing in a plaza in South Africa.”

Do you have a secret talent?
“I’m very, very good at cleaning. I would be an excellent butler.”

What are your vices?
“My liquor cabinet (always a good wine, nice Armagnac, and vodka) and starch.”

Of the seven deadly sins, which are you guilty of?
“I’m probably guilty of all of them, but I do think I have a sense of pride that sometimes gets in the way.”

What should ever woman try at least once in her life?
“Doing the complete opposite of what you’re told.”

Who is your girl crush?
Juliette Binoche.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?
I’ll tell you what my not-go-to karaoke song is. I learned it the hard way. “Danny Boy.” That is a long song.

If you want to find out more fun facts about Charlize, including what’s on her bucket list and what tv shows she’s addicted to, you can pick up the October issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now!

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