Bryan Cranston Skypes with Young Cancer-Stricken Fan

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Bryan Cranston has helped a young cancer-stricken fan cross an item off his bucket list by holding a Skype session with the teen.

Breaking Bad fan Brad Joyner’s friends and family launched an online campaign to land the 19-year-old a meeting with the show’s star when he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer six months ago.

The #breakingbrad effort went viral and caught the attention of the actor, who got in touch with Joyner’s family in North Carolina.

He was unable to schedule a time to meet with the youngster in person, but agreed to take part in a video call with the devotee on September 20.

His mother, Aimee Pettigrew, filmed the chat and shared some of the footage on YouTube.

She also took to her Facebook page to gush about the kindhearted actor, branding him “fabulous” for talking to her son for more than 30 minutes and organizing a sweet surprise for the whole family.

She wrote, “Bryan Cranston ordered an Icecream (sic) truck to arrive in Brad’s honor and our whole neighborhood enjoyed Icecream with Brad”.

You can watch a little of the sweet moment below:

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