Chris Pratt Adorably Calls Out Wife Anna Faris on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt paid an hilarious tribute to his actress wife Anna Faris during his first stint as host of Saturday Night Live in America on Saturday as he stumbled through an opening tune.

The actor decided to open the show with a song he’d written and nervously picked up a guitar.

During the tune he sang, “Home is where the heart is and mine’s right here; it belongs to that hottie in the audience there. Her name’s Anna Faris; she’s hosted twice. We had sex and a baby popped out.”

He then stopped strumming and asked his wife, “Do you remember that?”, to which she sexily replied, “Ooh yeah!”

Pratt also played He-Man, opposite musical guest Ariana Grande as She-Ra, in one skit and also dressed up as Star Wars icon Princess Leia for a comic take on Marvel Studios’ version of the George Lucas sci-fi epic.

The actor’s Guardians of the Galaxy hit was a Marvel production.

Photo Credit: Kobby Dagan /


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