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Requiem to an Unsung Idol – Don Davis

Requiem to an Unsung Idol – Don Davis


How many people actually know whom Don Sinclair Davis was? Most people that have heard of him know him as General Hammond from Stargate. People, who follow X-Files, know him as Scully’s dad. He was on MacGyver, where he met Richard Dean Anderson. He was in several feature films and television shows. The man worked with many of the top names in the industry. Ohh, he was also Dr. Davis, with his Ph.D. in Theater.

Now, quite a few people probably have overlooked this great man. He was one of the better character actors and played several well loved roles. Though, the stories of how good a man he was are a far more positive acknowledgement.

Now, you could list all of his films and shows. You could talk about all the roles he had and fill volumes. He was around Hollywood longer than most of the A-List have been alive.

This was a man who served in the Army. He served in Korea in the seventies and rose to the rank of Captain. He was the only member of the Stargate group who actually had a military record.

He got his bachelors in theater and arts from Southwest Missouri State College. Any other alumnus out there? Then he got his Masters and Doctorate in Theater at Southern Illinois University. The university still has an internship program that puts on plays in the summer. It is well known enough that it attracts Broadway actors.

The man was also an amazing artist. He painted, drew, carved, sculpted and did stage sets. The work is amazing. Check it out at So, we also lost a great artist.

Hardly anyone wants to acknowledge the loss of this man. Mrs. Davis, I Paul Shannon feel a loss at your husband’s passing. Without knowing your husband, I still looked up to him. I give you my condolences.

The family asks that you give to the American Heart Association in honor of Don Davis.


FanBolt sends it’s condolences to Don’s family. His work has left an impression on us all.

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  1. Beth ~ CarterMackenzie wrote: Great to see such a nice write up about Don. There’s some very good write ups and comments about him around the Stargate groups. He was one of the favourite SG-1 actors, and very much missed once he left the show. I was lucky enough to meet him briefly in 2002, down here in New Zealand… and I will always remember his sense of humour, how approachable he was, so very warm, generous, intelligent, interested in you and yet so interesting himself, treated his fans with a lot of respect… and the wicked sense of humour again – he really had the audience in stitches at the convention – along with the other SG-1 actresses he was appearing with. He was a great talent, and a great man… and he will be sadly missed by a lot of people!

    Beth ~ CarterMackenzie in NZ

  2. Paul Shannon wrote: Brian, I covered some of his newer endevours. Twin Peaks is considered historical, but Stargate and X-Files are more widely known franchises. I also thought it would be better to cover his life as well.


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