Kendra Wilkinson Still Unsure of Future with Husband Hank Baskett

Playboy pin-up-turned-reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson still hasn’t decided whether or not to stay with husband Hank Baskett four months after reports suggesting he had an affair with a transsexual first surfaced.

Fighting back tears during an emotional TV interview on Access Hollywood Live on Thursday, Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend revealed she’s still trying to process all the information and hasn’t determined whether or not her husband, a former American footballer, cheated on her.

She said, “We’re working on things right now… It’s still hard.

“I’m still trying to figure it out… If I told you right now that I was going to stay with Hank and then tomorrow I divorce him, like, that’s gonna be so awkward and weird.

“I’m really taking my time to figure everything out. Right now I’m here to promote my show (Kendra On Top)… but I honestly don’t have a decision right now on what I’m gonna do.

“At the end of the day, he (Baskett) comes from an amazing place… he’s a perfect guy; he’s never done me wrong. He’s not, like, some douchebag… He’s never treated me wrong… He’s an amazing father.”

Wilkinson discovered the scandal was about to break when her agent called and warned her to steer clear of the tabloids earlier this year, but her husband insisted the story was false.

She adds, “He’s saying, ‘Don’t believe it. I’m gonna clear my name’… There’s a lot to work out. I know that some of the story is true… This person claims she passed a lie detector test and has pictures, so that stuff I have to take in and try to figure out. She’s claiming that he YouTubed her and messaged her; I don’t believe that… There’s so many holes in their story.”

Wilkinson then revealed that she felt sure her husband had “made a mistake” and deserved a second chance, adding, “This man who I loved for six years deserves… and every one around us – we are respected people around our community – everyone knows that this man deserves a second chance if he did make a mistake… and I’m starting to believe it was.

“But if I believed that Hank had an affair on me, the divorce would have gone through already. I’m holding on to any hope I have.”

The drama is chronicled on the new season of Kendra on Top, which hits TV screens on Friday.

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