Did Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis Tease ‘Sex and the City 3’ ?

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis have fueled rumors suggesting a new Sex and the City sequel is in the works by teasing fans with an exchange on Twitter.

The actresses are reportedly preparing to reunite with Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon for a third movie adaptation of the hit TV series, which centred on Parker’s sex columnist character Carrie Bradshaw and her three best friends dealing with love and life in New York City.

Film co-star Jennifer Hudson raised fans’ hopes last week when she let slip that plans for a new film is in the works, saying, “I think it might be (happening). Somebody just came to me talking about that. So if it’s in the talks, it might happen. So look for it and look for your girl Louise from St. Louis!”

And on Friday, Davis posted a photo of herself and Parker on Twitter, alongside a message to her pal, which read: “Miss YOU XOXOXO!!”.

Parker, who also served as a producer on the first two films, released in 2008 and 2010, replied, “Me too you (sic)!” and then she appeared to suggest Sex and The City 3 was planned by teasing, “Heard the news?”, to which Davis responded, “Yyyeessssss (sic)….. But I’m afraid to get TOO excited yet – You let me know when we can celebrate.”

However, it seems Cattrall has yet to be told the news – when asked about a possible third instalment by a fan on Twitter on Saturday, she wrote, “News 2 (sic) me… Rumors like this are flattering.”

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures


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