Robert Downey Jr. Wants Matthew Broderick’s Permission to Meet With Ex-Girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker

Robert Downey Jr. has put Matthew Broderick on alert – he wants his permission to meet up with Sarah Jessica Parker, his ex-girlfriend.

The couple fell in love on the set of Firstborn in 1984 and dated for seven years in their late teens and early 20s, years before the actress wed Broderick – and now the Iron Man star is keen to hook up with his former flame.

Appearing on shock jock Howard Stern’s satellite radio show on Tuesday, Downey, Jr. admitted the romance remains a “big deal” to him, adding he would like to catch up with his ex.

He added, “I’ll make a point of trying to see her while I’m here (in New York). I’d like to… I’ll ask his (Broderick) permission. I just want to check in for a few minutes. I love Matthew Broderick..

“I’d love to have him there. I’ll bring (my wife) Susan.”

He then asked a probing Stern, “Would you mind coming just to kind of mediate the whole thing? It would be a natural extension seeing as you’re a part of the conversation.”

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