Iggy Azalea Denies Ex-Boyfriend Is Common Law Husband

Iggy Azalea has broken her silence to deny claims she is married to her ex-boyfriend.

The Fancy hitmaker was named as the common law wife of Maurice Williams, aka rapper Jefe Wine, in divorce papers he filed. He has asked a judge to recognize his five-year relationship with Azalea as a ‘marriage’ in a bid to stop her from selling off assets they accumulated as a couple.

Azalea has now taken to Twitter.com to clarify the marriage claims, writing, “I think we already all know, but just to clarify. I’m not married. Feel free to check the public marriage records… Gotta laugh tho (though), now do you see the kinda craziness I deal with (sic)?!”

She also spoke to TMZ.com, adding, “That’s like somebody I dated for about six months when I was 17, I haven’t heard from this person in years,” and when asked if it was a money grab, she replied, “Yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious that’s what it is.”

Azalea’s spokesperson previously denied Williams’ claims and called him a “thief, felon and fugitive” for using the media to attack the star in retaliation for a lawsuit she filed against him last month (Sep14). Azalea filed legal papers to stop Williams from making money from early songs he allegedly swiped from her computer.

Photo Credit: Kobby Dagan / Shutterstock.com


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