Frank Darabont Developing ‘The Mist’ as a TV Series

Frank Darabont is working to create a TV series based on Stephen King’s novella The Mist.

Darabont and Bob Weinstein are said to be working on a 10-part series based on Dimension’s film version of the movie. It’s unknown if it will be a re-telling or simply tales of other people trapped in the titular mist. The original film was released in 2007. It starred Thomas Jane, Melissa McBride and Laurie Holden.

After The Mist, Darabont created the TV version of The Walking Dead until AMC removed him. He then created TNT’s Mob City, which debuts this week.

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  1. I think this could be a really cool idea. The movie was really good, but I would think that the shows budget would have to be fairly large for the all the special effects it would take to have the same appeal as the movie.