Kelly Osbourne Not Leaving ‘Fashion Police’

Kelly Osbourne has slammed rumors suggesting she’s keen to end her run as a host of Fashion Police following the death of co-star Joan Rivers.

The reality TV star shared the screen with the beloved comedienne, her “second mum”, on the style commentary show for years until Rivers’ death in September, and speculation has since surfaced that she was refusing to return to the show without Rivers by her side – especially if producers replaced her with another funnywoman.

But Osbourne fired back at the reports during a visit to Queen Latifah’s talk show on Monday, insisting the gossip is false, and said, “I am going back to Fashion Police.”

She added, “That was completely made up and so disrespectful to ever say that. That’s my decision. I am going back and no one is replacing Joan. I don’t even think a discussion has happened yet about any specific person at all. All we know is that the show is going to have a lot of similarities but it’s going to be a new form of Fashion Police.”

Osbourne added that she’s still having a difficult time dealing with her friend’s passing, but she’ll forever keep Rivers’ advice close to her heart.

She confessed, “To be honest with you, I’d be lying if I said we were good. Because loss takes a long time to deal with. People don’t realize that we spent 52 weeks (a year) with each other for the last four and a half years, going on five.

“To wake up everyday and have one of the biggest parts of your life not there… I’m still doing those things where I’m like, ‘Oh, I gotta tell Joan! Oh, never mind’ – and then you find yourself with loads of tears.

“The one thing I can always take away is what Joan taught me, and that is that we are so lucky. We have a job and it’s amazing.”

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