FOX Casting ‘Gotham’ TV Series

Fox is now casting a 10-year-old Bruce Wayne for their upcoming Gotham live-action TV show. Fox recently made a series commitment for the show last September, and the story will follow a young Detective James Gordon.

The young Bruce Wayne character is said to be a regular role for Gotham with reports stating,”A 10-year-old Bruce Wayne is among the roles that are now being cast as series regulars on the upcoming Fox TV series ‘Gotham’ which explores the origin stories of Commissioner James Gordon and the villains that made Gotham City famous. Under development for over a year, the project has now been given a direct-to-series order by the network, which won an intense bidding war for the Warner Bros. Television rights to the show. Shooting on the pilot episode will get underway in March, 2014 and will center on Gotham City PD rookie homicide detective James Gordon who investigates the double murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.”

The show is being overseen by Bruno Heller, creator of CBS’ The Mentalist.


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  1. I do hope this is good. If it’s just going to be another dry crime procedural show, I won’t watch this for long. There are enough of those already, and a vast majority of them bore me to tears.