Chris Noth Squashes ‘Sex and the City 3’ Rumors


Sex and the City star Chris Noth has dismissed rumors a third movie based on the hit TV show is on the way, branding his former castmates “naughty” for tweeting hints to fans.

The show’s former star Sarah Jessica Parker hit headlines earlier this month when she shared a cryptic exchange with castmate Kristin Davis on, asking her whether she had heard “the news”.

Davis responded by adding, “Yyyeessssss (sic)….. But I’m afraid to get TOO excited yet – You let me know when we can celebrate.”

Parker’s former onscreen love interest Noth, who played Mr. Big, was asked about the gossip during an interview with Australia’s, and he insisted he does not believe the rumours about a possible third film.

He says, “Is there going to be another movie? The tweets! I can’t believe those girls are tweeting, they’re being very naughty. I don’t go near Twitter, it’s all bulls**t. I’ll believe it when they say ‘Action!’ and until then I don’t pay any attention. Sure, I’ve heard rumors, but they’ve been sayin’ that s**t for 10 years. It’d be a great thing, but for now it’s all just Tweety-pie s**t… I don’t know how you’d reinvent Sex and the City, and I don’t understand the hunger for it from some people. You’ve got (TV show) Girls now, which is much tougher and more realistic… I’m not sure there’d be an appetite for it? It’s kind of had its day.”

The long-running TV show was adapted for the big screen in a successful self-titled movie in 2008. It was followed by a sequel in 2010, but the follow-up was savaged by critics, who branded the film “repugnant”, “repulsive” and “ghastly”.

Noth adds of the much-maligned Sex and the City 2, “I think it was considered an indulgence and a distraction because it hit right when the recession happened. People were like, ‘Who gives a f**k about these broads going to Dubai when we can’t pay our mortgage?’… The critical response was overwhelmingly negative… there was not one good review of that film. Not one. And I think it was very hurtful for the girls… (It) was flawed, yeah, but it wasn’t as bad as they made it out to be.”

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