‘Young Ones’ Star Nicholas Hoult Performs Own Progressively Dangerous Stunts

Nicholas Hoult fears he’s destined for an early grave because the stunts he has to perform in movies keep getting more extreme – and many go wrong.

The star is among the actors who loves to perform his own stunts, but he’s getting more than a little wary of co-ordinators making mistakes.

Hoult explains, “I’m starting to feel as though acting is just an elaborate plot by someone to try to kill me because they’re (stunts) just getting more and more dangerous each movie.

“In this one (new movie Young Ones)… I had to ride a motorbike for it and the bike they put me on didn’t have a rear brake… and then I was doing a scene one day and I started to hear this odd noise and I said to the guy, ‘Something doesn’t sound right with the bike’ – it turned out the rear axle wasn’t bolted on.

“And then on the last day, they nearly shot my face up… and in this last year, someone fired a shotgun at me that was meant to have a blank in it and it dented the car door I was sitting inside of.

“In Young Ones they had one (stunt) where I’m meant to be running past this wall escaping these people that are shooting at me, and they have little explosives in the wall and the guy just has to set off the explosives, like, once I’m passed them, but he got a little bit trigger happy and just set them off before I was passed them so they blew up in my face. I think I called him a bad word.

“They’re (stunt co-ordinators) so calm about it, it makes you calm about it and then you suddenly realize once you’re doing it, ‘Hang on, this doesn’t seem safe’, but it’s too late to say anything by then because you’re in it.”

Photo Credit:DFree / Shutterstock.com