The Closer Atlanta Premiere

Our very own Emma Loggins and Nicolas Bunzmann attended TNT’s Atlanta premiere for The Closer last night. Fans gathered at the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta along with cast member Gina Revera to check out the new season of the series, and before the premiere, Emma was able to talk to a few fans and ask them what brought them to the series:

“I like everything about the show. Literally everything. The writing is excellent. The cast is excellent. All the little innuendos in every episode are so entertaining. It’s just a very clever show.” – Carol Gordon

“I’m a huge fan. The chemistry is just incredible, and I’m sure you’ve seen how they’ve just grown together as a family. It just seems so natural, and I just love it. Kyra is just great, and we all know why they call her The Closer. A lot of the time half way through the show I’m confessing! She’s so good in that role.” – Spiff formerly of The Randy and Spiff Morning Show

As with any series, there’s always a favorite character. We asked the fans about who they preferred and here’s what they had to say:

“The central character, Brenda Leigh Johnson, is such a strong, high-spirited woman that also has her weaknesses in life. She represents more of a realistic character I think.” – Kathryn Barden

“Oh I like Brenda Leigh the best, but I like them all. There’s no one I don’t like. The cast is wonderful, and the characters are clever.” -Carol Gordon

“Kyra Sedgwick is okay, but G.W. Bailey is awesome. Provenza.. he rules. That guy has some stories. I was lucky enough to go out and watch them film an episode. We had lunch with the crew, and the stories that G.W. Bailey would tell… well I can’t tell them again.” – Spiff formerly of The Randy and Spiff Morning Show

And how was the season premiere perceived by the fans? The crowd loved it, and it was said best by Kathryn Barden of South Carolina,”It was fabulous! Great story. Brilliant Acting. I’m so excited for the rest of the season coming up!”

Atlanta followers of the series will also be excited to hear that there is a Closer Fan Convention coming up this October as well. Anyone who is interested in learning more about that can check out the details over on The Closer Forum.

So what was our take on the season premiere? Followers of the series without a doubt will be pleased with the return of season 4. The great cases are back, the character relationships are continuing to evolve (seems hopeful for Johnson and Howard… not so much for Daniels and Gabriel), and the writing is just as strong as ever. The season gets off to a fiery start with a murder that went wildly out of hand. A certain character from season one reappears and instantly Brenda Leigh Johnson (Krya Sedgwick) knows the direction to take. A battle of wits ensues, and the rest is history. With comedic relief in all the right places, the episode takes some interesting turns that will leave viewers at a destination they didn’t see coming.

The show offers an interesting mixture of both Johnson’s personal and professional life. By offering us a glimpse at real cases, the new season takes a bit of a turn as the issue of power is examined. How much control do these characters really have over their own lives?

So there you have it! Be sure to check out the season premiere Monday July 14th, and also check back for our exclusive interview with Gina Revera! In the meantime, register to win a copy of the 3rd season on DVD along with a FanBolt bumper sticker signed by Gina Revera herself!

(All Photo Credits: Jeremy Freeman)

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