Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Puts Gameplay on Hold for Photography

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is one of those great experiences that seemingly came out of nowhere. In my initial impressions article, I talk about its gorgeous visuals that accompany the entertaining gameplay, visuals that easily capture the eye of the player.

I’ve been playing Shadow of Mordor on PC on Ultra settings with the HD texture pack installed. It’s absolutely beautiful, and now players can capture that beauty by using a new photo mode that released. It allows players to pause the game at any moment to capture any intense action sequence or a striking visual that speaks to their artistic liking.

Taking screenshots is something that isn’t new to me. I’m always capturing stills of all my favorite videos games. However, what makes taking images more appealing with this update is that the developer actually designed it for taking photos, providing all types of tools that allow players to be creative when snapping stills of the scenery. These tools include camera angles, filters, borders, logos, and more that can make a regular screen grab even more visual enticing.

Gameplay videos always tell the story how it is, but when players have the artistic ability to capture screens with tools like this, it allows them to express their experience with the game in their own visual way which is far better than any basic gameplay video could.

The photo capture mode is a fantastic tool to use and it’s great for sharing images with friends. I imagine this is pretty great for promoting the game too!

Here are images I’ve taken with the new photo mode:








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