Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf Visit Georgia Army Base to Promote ‘Fury’

Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf attended a special screening of their new war movie Fury at a U.S. Army base in Georgia this week.

The Hollywood actors were joined by director David Ayer and their co-stars Michael Pena and Logan Lerman for a showing of the World War II film for around 1,000 soldiers and civilian workers at Fort Benning in Columbus on Thursday.

Pitt, who plays the leader of a tank crew in Fury, spent time with the troops, met their families, posed for photographs and even climbed inside a tank to pose with a rapid fire machine gun.

He was clearly moved by the day, telling, “When we first started filming, we talked about how great this would be if we could do this and bring it back to the guys (the troops). We’d already been through months of training by some of the military’s best and we’d have many conversations with the vets (veterans) who were there, and we grew a much deeper understanding of what these men and women endure and give of themselves to keep us in our comfy homes and driving our cars.”

LaBeouf also mingled with the soldiers and their loved ones during the day and added of the army base visit, adding, “This means more to me than anything. Because these people give everything for the country, for our freedoms. Politics aside, you ask any of these soldiers about politics. They’re not going to answer you. This is a real job. I’m all about commitment. I like people who commit to things. This is the most commitment you’ll see out of any human being.”

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