Tippi Hedren Pays Tribute to ‘The Birds’ with Replica of Film’s Iconic Jungle Gym

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Tippi Hedren has erected a replica of the jungle gym that features prominently in her classic Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds at her big cat sanctuary in rural California.

The metal frame, complete with a few fake blackbirds, has been donated to Hedren’s Shambala Preserve as a reminder to fans of the film that made Hedren a big star.

She tells WENN, “I wanted a tribute to The Birds to exist on the Shambala Preserve because without that film, I would not be doing the work with rescuing big cats born in the U.S. to be sold as pets or for financial gain.

“I have had an exact replica of the famous jungle gym created from the scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s, The Birds, where I sit on the bench waiting for that incessant song to end.

“You can sit on the bench, have your photo taken with the jungle gym behind you, with a few birds sitting on it, just like I did in the film… I’m so grateful to Harris Steel Fence, who builds all of our animal compounds, for copying, building, and donating this piece, which is a dream come true for me.”

She adds, “Next time you visit the preserve to visit the wild ones, take a moment to go back in history, to remember a very famous film, and maybe have a photo to remind you, forever.

Photo Credit: Shambala.org/Bill Dow Photography


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