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Jon Bernthal Had Trouble Shedding ‘Fury’ Role After Filming Completed

Jon Bernthal Had Trouble Shedding ‘Fury’ Role After Filming Completed


Jon Bernthal become so immersed in his character for war movie Fury that he had difficulty shedding the role once filming had finished.

The actor stars as a member of a World War II tank crew in the movie and Bernthal was so committed to keeping his character throughout the eight-month shoot that he did not let himself relax, have fun or use technology during downtime.

Once filming was completed, Bernthal had trouble getting himself out of the dark mental state he had been in for such a long period of time and it gave him an insight into how military personnel must struggle returning to normal life after war.

He tells WENN, “At the end of the day, we put on make-up and we say lines. We operate under this umbrella of safety. There’s not real bullets being shot at us… but it’s our job to make this a dark and dangerous a set as possible and to be in the mindset that’s (as) dark and dangerous as possible. This isn’t the kind of movie that you wrap (for the day) and go get a beer, you go have a nice night on the town, get Chinese food, you literally just wrap and you fight, you work out and you sleep. You try to stay in it and any outside influence – you know, computers, phones or anything like that – they were the enemy.

“I think that when you’re trying to make your world as dark as possible for eight months straight… going home after that is tough. And what I walked away with from that is absolute reverence and respect for guys who have real battle ringing between their ears, you know? They’re going home. It had a big effect on me, and I’m (just) a monkey who wears make-up.”

Fury closed the London Film Festival on Sunday and stormed to the top of the box office over the weekend.

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