‘Clerks III’ to Begin Production in 2015

Kevin Smith says that he will begin shooting Clerks III during the summer of 2015.

Smith did a Reddit Ask Me Anything recently where he revealed that he will begin production on the long-awaited final film of the Clerks trilogy in June.

Smith was asked during the AMA if Randal (Jeff Anderson) will direct any of his patented rants against Netflix and Redbox, considering that Randal opened an old-school video rental store at the end of Clerks II. He answered, “Randal addresses a lot of things that have changed in Clerks III. This is most definitely one of them.”

Kevin’s latest film to be released, Tusk, hit theaters last month and he’s currently working on the film’s spin-off, Yoga Hosers. Smith told Reddit that after the spin-off’s completion, he’ll work on his final True North Trilogy film, Moose Jaws, which is exactly what it sounds like…Jaws with a moose.

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com


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