Sarah Jessica Parker Pays Tribute to Oscar de la Renta

Sarah Jessica Parker has paid a fond tribute to iconic designer Oscar de la Renta, insisting his passing has “left a vacuum” in the world of fashion.

The Dominican style mogul died on Monday and his death has been mourned by friends, fans and clients alike, with stars including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner, Kerry Washington, Vogue editor Anna Wintour and former First Lady Hillary Clinton sending their condolences to his family.

Now Parker, who grew close to the designer over the years, has recalled the first time she started working with de la Renta, remembering how she enlisted Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field to find out if she could borrow a dress from his collection back in 2000.

She reveals that introduction was the start of a beautiful fashion affair between the pair and, in a moving tribute for The Hollywood Reporter, she writes, “I can’t remember how I had the courage to be friends with him – he was so otherworldly in a way…

“I wore countless beautiful dresses of his, dozens of them, fresh off the runway. It was always a momentous occasion in my life when he would build a dress for me – for the Emmys, the Met Ball, for my 40th birthday at the Plaza…”

Turning to his death, she adds: “When someone passes who’s led a wonderfully long life, you hear the news and immediately think of his beloved wife and friends and, in this case, all those who work in his studio.

“The reality of his absence means a momentous shift. There are wonderfully talented designers, emerging and upperclassmen, but he really was singular, and he has left a vacuum. Others will come along… But nobody is meant to fill the void. They can’t. All I can think today is, ‘That’s it. That’s done, that extraordinary moment in time that he created…’

“The great news is, we all got so much out of knowing him. Thank goodness for all the time we did have. It’s nice not to have regret – ‘I wish I’d met him!’ – He gave so much, and I think everybody who had the chance to be on the receiving end appreciated him.”

She concludes, “It also needs to be said that there was no one more handsome.”

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