FOX Orders Modern ‘Frankenstein’ Pilot

FOX has ordered a pilot for a new Frankenstein TV series. The show would be a modern-day sci-fi drama based on Mary Shelley’s classic book.

The project is being executive produced by Howard Gordon (Homeland) and Rand Ravich (Crisis). The story follows Adam Tremble, a corrupt FBI agent who is given another chance at life after being brought back from the dead. Tremble has to choose between the temptations of his old life or go on the right path, while also dealing with his complicated relationship with his creators who restored him to life, an antisocial internet billionaire and his bio-engineer twin sister.

20th TV and Gordon’s Teakwood Lane Productions are producing the show. Hugh Fitzpatrick is attached as a co-executive producer.

What are your thoughts on the newest monster coming to the small screen? Is this a pilot you’re interested in checking out? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FOX


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