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Rosewill Throne-G Window Gunmetal Tower – That’s the Case

Rosewill Throne-G Window Gunmetal Tower – That’s the Case


That’s the case! Rosewill’s Throne-G Window Gunmetal Gaming ATX Full Tower Computer Case, that is. Whew, that’s a mouth full. How about I just call it the Throne Gunmetal case! Although I could also call it beautiful. Maybe even sleek! How about perfect? Well it may not be perfect for everyone but it’s certainly the perfect choice for me.

My interest in Rosewill’s Throne case started when I saw its Gunmetal color. That’s probably the feature that spoke to me most. But I also love its shape and design for a full tower case. Plus, the large window view that displays all the parts that make my gaming machine run is also perfect. The case simply looks powerful even before adding any hardware inside it.

I previously used a mid-size tower to host my components, so the increase in size was a little overwhelming when the box showed up at my door with the case inside. However, I giggled with joy as I pulled the Throne out of the box and saw it for the first time in all its glory.

The size didn’t bother me one bit once I got it going. It fits ideally on my desk and has the larger window to give me a good view of all my selected parts. The front of the case sports two intake fans that have a white glow which really complements the gunmetal color of the case. It made me consider going with a white LED inside the case as well. However, since I had gotten a blue LED HyperX fan for my HyperX Fury memory, I decided to go with even more blue on the inside.

Rosewill has a good selection of fans, including a clear fan (RFTL-131411B) that sports off a blue LED. I decided to place one of those on the back of the case to add some more light to the interior. It works well as it is separated from the Blue LED HyperX fan by a large Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212. See the image below.


The large size of the tower and its 7 interior fans really help keep the case very cool which is always a good thing for when I’m asking the most of my PC’s components. I definitely see all the benefits of its size, and now I definitely prefer the larger towers over the mid-size.

Having everything set up and running inside the Throne is mission accomplished. I now have my perfect case.

Now that the Throne is fully set up to my liking, I have begun envisioning additional changes I want to make which includes more lighting. I think it would be great to add four more of the RFTL-131411B clear fans with blue LED, replacing them with the standard black fans on the inside. I also want to go with dual 980’s to showcase. The larger window also displays the power supply unit a little too well so I want to get a new PSU that has a blank siding as my current model has too much ugly text. However, ideally I would add the Rosewill Lightning series PSU to the case as that would fit in perfectly with all the color.


The Throne is a beast. But it’s also a beauty. I appreciate the door that covers the drives which keeps the front end of the case looking sharp. Also, it’s really nice having the fan control on the top side of the case along with a switch to open up air vents.

The Throne Gunmetal case is the perfect full tower case for me and my needs. I can’t wait to continue upgrading it until it’s 100% perfect. After all, it’s all about having the best window view.

Rosewill's Throne is a beautiful case! Also added a couple of blue fans. So pretty!

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