Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Enhanced Visuals Edition

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I hope no one see’s that title and thinks that there is some new special edition coming out for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. There’s not. That’s just my title for experiencing the game in a way that I hadn’t before, in a way that completely makes the game shine like new. Well, almost.

I originally played and beat Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the Xbox 360. I absolutely loved it. It was fun, entertaining, and incredibly humorous. There’s a reason why the series is so well loved. Its unique and odd bunch of characters make fighting in a massive battle that much more entertaining.

So what’s this Enhanced Visuals Edition I’m talking about? Well, as I mentioned, I originally beat the game on the Xbox 360 having never played the PC version before. Thanks to one of the many Steam sales, I decided to pick it up again to experience all the same enjoyment. However, just this past week I decided to finally jump into the chaotic action once again with my new GeForce GTX 980. One of the big features with the 980 (and now 400 series and up) is the use of the Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) feature.

By enabling DSR in games, it takes a larger 3840×2160 image and downscales it to fit the size of 1080p monitor. This provides gamers with a smoother visual gameplay experience on all of their favorite games, including Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Now, with this being the first time playing Bad Company 2 on PC, it was already going to look far better than the 360 version. But with the addition of DSR to make distant objects and vegetation look much smoother, that simply creates a brand new experience for me. Playing Bad Company 2 this time around on PC with DSR enabled is like playing one of those HD Remastered titles that come out every so often.

It’s a brand new enhanced visual experience and it’s so much fun to observe as I play. Having this much fun on PC replaying a game I previously beat on consoles makes me want to go back and replay some of my other favorite console titles on PC.

Obviously I haven’t been a hardcore PC gamer for too long now. So when I try out a new feature and finally decide to play a game I originally beat on consoles, it’s still so sweet the reminder of how great PC gaming is visually and overall.

Below are a couple of gameplay videos taken from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with DSR enabled. Below the videos are comparison images that showcase the difference between using and not using DSR.

Click on the images to view the full size
No DSR on the left, DSR on the right







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