Will ‘Ascension’ Return as a Series to Syfy?


Ascension is a new limited series that’s premiering over three nights starting on December 15th, and we couldn’t be more excited for the series. It’s a bold, ambitious thriller that follows an intrepid group of colonists on board the ship Ascension, which was launched by President Kennedy in 1963 (The series is actually based off a real project (which obviously never took off) – called Project Orion). We pick them up in the show about 50 years into their journey, sort of the point of no return.

For those of you that have seen the previews and are thinking – limited run series and Number 6 (Tricia Helfer)? Is this Battlestar Galactica? We had the same thoughts… Are we talking a backdoor pilot? Will Ascension return as a series to Syfy?

“It is a six-hour kickoff. You know, we have a tradition at this network. Battlestar Galactica started that way, as Tricia knows. You know, other networks do it. It’s concepts this big that require this much world building. Sometimes you can’t do it in just a two-hour pilot. You need more answers, and especially this one. When you guys watch it, you’ll understand why,” Bill McGoldrick, EVP of Original Content at Syfy, explained. “So we’re going to air it. We’re going to make a big event out of it, and then we’re going to talk about a future, hopefully, very shortly after that.”

Photo Credit: Emma Loggins / FanBolt

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  1. How can you do this to us? Ascension was a great show with a shocking and unexpected outcome. The cliff hanger it ended on certainly leaves room to continue the saga. I have watched the original series 3 times, sharing it with family and friends. We all enjoyed it!