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BlazeRush is a top-down combative racer that just recently released on Steam. I’m always a sucker for top-down racing games, especially when done right. It’s often easy to grow tired of this type of game as it can quickly become repetitive, and it may eventually be the case with this title as well. However, for the moment, I can’t stop having fun!

BlazeRush does an excellent job at changing up the gameplay while blasting through the single player campaign. It features three games modes including race, king of the hill, and survival – my favorite. The game is easy for anyone to pick up and play, and it was especially easy for me with my past experience with games like this.


I immediately fell in love with BlazeRush when first playing survival. Survival mode just isn’t about surviving the other players, but staying in front of a large “crushing” vehicle that will run players over, ending their round. So, I was leading the pack while three others were rushing up behind me. As the death vehicle approached the four of us, I stylishly did a 360 and fired my disc weapon at the drivers behind me, hitting two of them and causing them to get ran over. It was awesome pulling off that maneuver for the very first time.

That is just one moment. But during any race the game is always chaotic and players will never know who will finish first. It’s always a close race. I’ve noticed that it’s almost better to remain behind the pack while doing a regular race as boost items constantly appear for those in back. However, for those who try to stick it out in front, the 360 maneuver is a must for players who attempt to hang on to first place. This is because the other opponents will continuously come screaming up from behind as they collect all the boost items that appear for those in back. Players need to do everything possible to slow them down.

The gameplay ends up being a strategic battle mixed with a lot of luck!


One of my other favorite moments so far in the game is a track that is completely dark. So dark that it’s nearly impossible to tell where the turns are. However, once the race begins, the course ends up becoming lit as the vehicles start firing weapons and blasting their jet engines filling the dark track with visual pleasure. I definitely appreciate that type of setting.

I’ve yet to play multiplayer which is actually what the game is focused on. It’s so easy to envision how entertaining this game can be for a group of friends. I already highly recommend BlazeRush for single player, but can only imagine all the anarchy and entertainment it would create for friends. I’m sure I’ll give it a go here soon!

BlazeRush is one of those games that’s simple but fun. It’s exciting, entertaining, and well worth the experience.

Here’s a gameplay video with commentary


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