Zoe Levin Teases ‘Red Band Society’ Relationships

Zoe Levin

FanBolt recently had the chance to visit the set of Fox’s Red Band Society and chat with Zoe Levin who plays Kara Souders on the series. We chatted with Levin about what she could tease with upcoming episodes in regards to relationships.

We started off asking about Hunter, played by Daren Kagasoff. What could she say about their interaction?

“It’s an interesting dynamic because he’s really the only one that doesn’t stand for Kara’s BS, so he doesn’t take her crap and that kind of throws her off.” Levin explains. “I think that’s what kind of intrigues her about him.”

Levin also went on to say that they’re both risky and troublemakers, so there will be some trouble awaiting them. “It’s really fun the stuff that we have coming up. I’m really excited for people to see it.” Levin smiled.

One of the things that we love most about Red Band Society is the dynamic between Kara and Emma. They have almost a frenemy relationship, and we asked Levin what she could tell us about how their friendship would continue to evolve over the course of the upcoming episodes.

“They always write in these great scenes with me and Emma. Where we give it to each other – and we’re both telling the truth. We both really test each other, and we take to heart what each other has to say. It’s interesting because it always ends up affecting our characters in their own lives and their own relationships,” Levin answered. “We have some great scenes coming up.”

Check out more from our interview with Zoe Levin below – including what it was like to work with Bella Thorne on last week’s episode.

Red Band Society Set Visit: Zoe Levin Interview

Even though Fox recently halted production on Red Band Society, we’re hopeful that ratings will pick up on these last few episodes that are airing before the new year. So spread the word, and be sure to catch an all new Red Band Society tonight on Fox!

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