Omar Epps Talks ‘Resurrection,’ Show Theories and More

Omar Epps on Resurrection

FanBolt recently visited the set for ABC’s Resurrection in Atlanta, Georgia, and we had the chance to sit down with series star Omar Epps to discuss what’s coming up for Bellamy. As we continue to see his health being affected as one of the Returned, how will Bellamy deal with his current situation seeing as there is no cure?

“He’s not really able to do his job. It comes down to self-preservation and trying to not disappear.” Epps commented.

When we asked Epps about the scene we saw him filming earlier in our visit (a scene with him and Devin Kelley (Maggie) talking), he reveals to us that scene is Bellamy realizing that there really is no hope. He makes a last-ditch effort to get help – in hopes that there is a cure.

“He’s in a bad spot,” Epps revealed. “This could be the end.”

Speaking of the end, what about the end game of Resurrection? So many fans have theories about the bigger picture, and what is really going on in Arcadia, Missouri. Does Epps have any theories of his own?

“I did, and then I didn’t. I threw that stuff out the window,” Epps answered. “I like seeing what the writers come up with… I don’t know if they know. I think they have an idea. I think they have a constellation of things… like one of these five things. It’s like the end of the Sopranos. It’s half and half. Some people thought it was genius, and other people hated it. You can’t satisfy everyone. But I think the how and the why has really taken a backseat to the happenings.”

And of course we had to ask what Epps could tease in regards to Bellamy’s relationship in Maggie. When we asked, Epps smiled and said, “It’s one big tease.”

Epps continued to say that he really enjoys the pacing of their relationship. “It’s not the typical thing you see on television – when you see a spark and then they go there. I like that it’s growing and evolving.” Epps explained.

Check out more of our interview with Omar Epps below!

Resurrection Set Visit: Omar Epps Interview

Are you loving Resurrection this season? Do you have any bigger picture theories about what is going on? Let us know your thoughts in our comment section below and be sure to catch an all new episode of Resurrection tonight on ABC!

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